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Below you'll find a complete list of each walk package we offer. 

When you're ready to book, download our app here. We'll collect some basic info and you can begin booking walks right away! 

Need help or have a question? Hit the chat bubble on your screen to shoot us a text.

See you soon!

Hi, nice to see you again!

It's out with the old and in with the new. We're phasing out this scheduling tool, but not to worry - you can still book all the services you used to see here (and more!) by downloading the HANDLR app from App Store or Google Play. You'll like the new experience much more, we promise. 

Oh, you still have walks scheduled from our previous scheduling tool? Fear not, we still have all of your dog's info on file. Once you've downloaded the app and registered with HANDLR, we'll port all of your upcoming services, and you can still make any necessary changes to an upcoming schedule by clicking the "Edit/Cancel Appointment" button in your confirmation email.

If you have a booking emergency or need assistance with the HANDLR app, you can text Ken instantly using the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen. Talk soon!



Quick visit

A brief check-in to run around the yard, enjoy some treats and indulge in some quality pets.





20 minutes

A quick neighborhood trip for your low-maintenance furry friend to say hi, potty and stretch. 





30 minutes

Includes a half-hour trip to explore the neighborhood, use the bathroom, and enjoy some quality exercise. 





60 minutes

Includes an hour-long opportunity to smell the roses, fulfill your sniff quota, and explore your surroundings.





90 minutes

Does your dog have a favorite place to be in South Austin? Would they enjoy the opportunity to hone socialization skills in a specific public setting? We'll harness you in and take you for a ride to your favorite destination of choice.





3 hours

An immersive outdoor experience for your dog within the gorgeous exteriors of Austin's infamous Greenbelt trails. Enjoy a private hike up to four miles with nearly three hours of trail time. Your adventure begins at various entry points like Barton Creek, Twin Falls, Gus Fruh and Campbell's Hole. This package includes a high-definition video highlight reel of your dog's adventure shot on GoPro. Round trip transportation, cooling vest and clean water provided.





90 minutes

Dive in at Barton Springs spillway: a safe, clean environment with temperature-controlled, free-flowing water fed by natural streams. This single-dog package includes a high-definition video highlight reel of your dog's water adventure shot on GoPro. Transportation, canine life jacket, long-line tether and aquatic toys provided. (Please note: due to the potential threat of high levels of toxic blue algae during summer months, this service will only be provided below the spillway at Barton Springs Pool, a location deemed safe by City of Austin.)



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