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This Terms of Agreement contract ("Contract") is entered into between Ken Walks Dogs LLC ("Provider") and the customer ("Client") for the provision of dog walking and pet sitting services. Use of Ken Walks Dogs LLC’s services and the Ken Walks Dogs mobile app enters both parties in agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions stated herein. Ken Walks Dogs LLC is committed to providing sound, safe, and responsible care for your pets, though is not responsible for any unintentional errors, omissions, or incorrect assertions made by Client.



Payment for services is due upon invoicing, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you have provided us with your payment information, we may charge it at the time of invoicing, depending on your payment settings. Please be aware that if you request any modifications to a previously scheduled service, you may receive an additional invoice separately for those changes. Ken Walks Dogs LLC reserves the right to end services and terminate this agreement for any reason, including but not limited to, payment failure.


Grooming Policy

Ken Walks Dogs LLC will make every effort to keep your dog as clean as possible during and after walks. Client may leave towels near the entrance of the pet(s) home, to be used for pet clean-up during wet or muddy weather conditions. Ken Walks Dogs LLC is not responsible for bathing or brushing pets after walks without scheduled bathing and grooming service appointments. 

Veterinary Care

By entering into this agreement, Client authorizes Ken Walks Dogs LLC to make decisions regarding emergency medical care for their pet(s). Ken Walks Dogs LLC will seek care from Client’s designated veterinarian, or an appropriate alternate when pet(s) regular veterinarian is unavailable, or immediate care is required. Client is responsible for all veterinary costs incurred, and agrees to reimburse Ken Walks Dogs LLC for any charges related to emergency veterinary care.



We understand that plans can change, and we strive to accommodate your needs. If you need to cancel or reschedule a dog walking service, there is no cancellation fee with a minimum notice of 12 hours. Cancellations made on the same day within a 12-hour window of the scheduled service are ineligible for a refund. Additionally, if you fail to cancel a scheduled service and we have already shared an estimated time of arrival, arrived at the check-in location, or started the service, it will be considered a "no show" and may be charged in full.

Payment is due immediately upon booking confirmation for dog sitting and pet sitting services, overnight care service and after hours service. We compensate staff for their time and commitment to overnight care services, and sometimes decline other Client’s requests when capacity is reached for overnight and after hours services. Therefore, if overnight or after hours service is canceled more than 72 hours in advance, Client is eligible for a 50% refund in the form of an account credit. However, if an overnight appointment is canceled less than 72 hours in advance, Client is not eligible for a refund or credit.

Two-hour Arrival Window

To account for potential delays due to traffic, weather, pet safety, emergencies, and other factors, we maintain a minimum two-hour arrival window for scheduled services. (i.e. when selecting the 11AM-1PM window, service may begin as early as 11AM, but no later than 1PM.)

Referral Discounts

If you refer our services to a friend, we will issue a $50 account credit within 90 days of your friend's first paid cash spend of $50. There is no limit to the number of referral credits you can earn.This referral discount may be voided in the event of suspected fraud or misuse of the promotion.


Walk Details

After each visit, you will receive an emailed report card and an in-app push notification containing detailed information about your dog's trip. This includes photos, potty break information, a GPS-tracked map, and more.


Walk Requests

Please be aware that services are confirmed only once you have received a confirmation email or in-app notification from the Ken Walks Dogs app. No request for service will be considered confirmed otherwise. During business hours, (Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm, and Saturday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm) service requests are generally confirmed or denied within 30 minutes of submission.


Walk services are performed by licensed, background checked, bonded, and insured employees of Ken Walks Dogs LLC. If you have any restrictions on which employees may or may not provide services for your pet(s), such as a preference for a specific walker or gender, please make sure to note this information on your profile and in the customer notes section when submitting service requests. Please understand that service restrictions may affect the likelihood of your service being confirmed, depending on the availability of our dog walkers.

Off-Leash Services

Unless otherwise agreed upon, off-leash services are only provided on the Pet Owner's enclosed personal property or enclosed private property owned, rented, or maintained by Ken Walks Dogs LLC. For the safety of your pet and for liability and insurance purposes, your dog will never be let off-leash during a walk without your written or verbal consent, except in the case of medical emergencies.



We may socialize your dog with another compatible dog in the Ken Walks Dogs LLC network, but only if you have provided written or verbal consent. Otherwise, all services are considered private services for your dog(s). Sharing a walk with another dog in our network often results in extra adventure time for your dog(s) at no additional charge.


Dog Bites

In the event of a dog bite, Ken Walks Dogs LLC is responsible for reporting it to the proper authorities. However, you, as the pet owner, are responsible for any costs and expenses resulting from the bite.



Your dog's health and safety are our top priorities, especially during intense weather conditions. We closely monitor dogs during such conditions. While your dog will remain outdoors for as long as comfortably tolerable, they may also spend a portion of their service time bonding, playing, or spending time indoors, whether in your home or a nearby pet store. For walks with a duration greater than 60 minutes, the price includes transportation, and we are generally able to transport dogs to pet-friendly locations like Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Petsmart, or Lowes for air-conditioned walks during extreme temperatures or heavy rainfall.

Keys and Codes

By entering into this agreement, Client authorizes Ken Walks Dogs LLC to enter the home in order to provide services. Access instructions should be provided via the Ken Walks Dogs app, and any changes to home access should be updated accordingly. Please note that we do not keep or collect keys, but rather store them in a place determined by you and designated in the access notes (such as a lockbox or under a mat). If you need a secure lockbox to hide your key on your property, you may lease one from us upon request, with a refundable deposit of $20. It is important to keep your home locked at all times following immediate home access, during the walk, and after the walk. Ken Walks Dogs LLC is not responsible for the loss of any key left in an insecure manner, such as under a porch mat, under a rock, or in the mailbox.


Rates may change or differ at any time for any reason. However, any rate changes will not affect the price of confirmed and scheduled walks. Additionally, bookings occurring on major holidays are subject to an additional fee. Major holidays include New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.


After hours

Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm, and Saturday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Any dog walking service request outside of these hours is considered "After hours" and may be subject to an "After hours" fee upon booking confirmation. This fee is subject to change in the future.


As part of our scheduled services, we may capture photos or videos of dogs on our roster. By signing this contract, you authorize Ken Walks Dogs LLC to capture and use photos or videos of your dog for promotional purposes on, social media, or any other marketing platforms. Please note that we will never capture or share any photo or video containing personal identifying information about you or your home.


Unauthorized Service Providers and Third Parties
During the duration of house sitting services, no other service providers, outside staff, guests, or other third parties shall be permitted in the home without prior authorization and written consent from Ken Walks Dogs LLC. Provider shall not share Client's key with any other service provider in order to prevent any unauthorized access or potential loss of key. Any breach of this clause may result in immediate termination of services without a refund, and the Client shall be solely responsible for any additional care costs incurred by either Ken Walks Dogs LLC or a third party.

Disarming and Securing Weapons
Clients shall ensure that any weapons present on the premises are disarmed and stored in a locked safe that is inaccessible to the pet care provider or any other third parties during the duration of house sitting services. The Client shall be held responsible for any damages to animals, humans, or property that may occur due to an unsecured or improperly secured weapon.

Responsibility for Electric and Plumbing Emergencies
In the event of an electric or plumbing emergency occurring inside the home during house sitting, the Client shall be responsible for any associated costs and repairs. If a preferred third-party service provider for electrical or plumbing services has not been listed in the Client's profile or instructions, Ken Walks Dogs LLC may, at its discretion, authorize the cost of repairs to plumbing or electrical facilities in case of an emergency. If such an emergency requires the relocation of pets during house sitting, the Client shall be responsible for all costs incurred, whether provided by Ken Walks Dogs LLC or a third party.

Emergency Contact Information
The Client shall provide an emergency contact on file in the Ken Walks Dogs app. This contact must be readily accessible and available for communication during the duration of the pet sitting services.


Emergency Home Access
Ken Walks Dogs LLC requires the Client to provide an accessible physical key on the property, securely hidden or stored, to ensure emergency home access in case of power loss, electrical emergencies, or dysfunctional electronic access equipment.

Maintenance of Cleanliness
The Client agrees to maintain a reasonable standard of cleanliness in the home for the duration of pet sitting services. Ken Walks Dogs LLC reserves the right to charge an additional cleaning fee at its discretion for excessively unsanitary environments.

Pet Transportation
By utilizing the Ken Walks Dogs app or other services from Ken Walks Dogs LLC, the Client is aware of and consents to their pets riding in commercially-insured automobiles for business or service-related purposes with employees of Ken Walks Dogs LLC. This consent may be withdrawn at any time, and Client may opt-out from their pet(s) riding in commercially-insured business vehicles by providing written notice to or by indicating their preference in the client or pet profile in the Ken Walks Dogs app.

Pet Swimming
By utilizing the Ken Walks Dogs app or other services from Ken Walks Dogs LLC, the Client is aware of and consents to their pet(s) swimming in a private swimming pool under the direct supervision of employees of Ken Walks Dogs LLC. The Client acknowledges and accepts that swimming, in general, includes an inherent risk to humans and animals. The Client agrees to dismiss Ken Walks Dogs LLC of all damages or liability that may arise from any swimming-related activities. This consent may be withdrawn at any time, and Client may opt-out from their pet(s) swimming in a private pool by providing written notice to or by indicating their preference in the client or pet profile in the Ken Walks Dogs app.


By entering into this agreement, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this document. You also authorize this agreement to serve as valid approval for future services provided by Ken Walks Dogs LLC, allowing us to accept telephone, text, or email reservations for service and enter your premises without any additional signed contracts or written authorization.

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