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schedule A WALK on-demand or in advance with the new ken walks dogs mobile app
available now on app store and google play

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  • What services do you provide as a professional dog walker and pet sitter?
    Schedule any of the following services using the free Ken Walks Dogs mobile app: Fast Break (20+ minutes) Stroll (30+ minutes) Adventure (1+ hour) Field Trip (90+ minutes) Playcare (3+ hours) Overnight pet sitting (in pet's home) Overnight dog boarding (in staff's home) Pool Party Pet Taxi Spa Day + bath Each service is GPS-monitored and includes a digital report card including photos, maps, and details of every visit! Every dog walker and pet sitter on our team is directly employed by Ken Walks Dogs LLC and is commercially bonded, insured, and certified in pet first aid and pet CPR.
  • Are your dog walkers and pet sitters trained and experienced?
    Ken Walks Dogs pet sitters and dog walkers are certified in pet first aid training and pet CPR. Our team has collectively cared for thousands of Austin pets in a professional capacity for nearly a decade!
  • How do I schedule a dog walking or pet sitting service?
    New customers: 1. Download the Ken Walks Dogs mobile app on App Store or Google Play 2. Select "Request Access to App" near the bottom of the homescreen to register for a free membership. 3. Provide us with info about your pet(s) and their routine. 4. Once we've reviewed your membership details and confirmed your account, you should receive an email with a link to officially activate your account, create a password, and set up your pet(s) profile. 5. Your free membership includes $50 in credits valid toward all dog walking services! Ready to book? Follow the instructions for existing customers below. Existing customers: 1. Open the Ken Walks Dogs mobile app on your device. 2. Select the "+" icon near the bottom of the homescreen to request service. 3. Select the pet(s) in need of care, choose a service date, and a service arrival window (example: if you select the 11am-1pm arrival window, our staff may arrive any time during your chosen arrival window, as early as 11am or as late as 1pm) 4. Submit your request! We generally approve requests in 30 minutes or less during business hours. 5. You will receive an email confirmation and in-app notification once a request has been confirmed, modified, or denied (we maintain a 99% approval rate for all service requests!) 6. Once your dog walker is en route for a confirmed service, you'll receive an automated SMS text message up to 30 minutes in advance. Use this number to communicate directly with your assigned walker before, during, and immediately after service. (For inquiries not directly related to a specific service, you can reach us at (469) DOG-WALK or 7. Upon service completetion, you will automatically receive an in-app notification and email update with a digital report card including photos, maps, updates, and more detailing your dog's visit! 8. Review the details of your dog's previous visits any time by navigating through the calendar on the app homescreen. Select any previous date and time to view photos, maps, updates, and more from any given appointment.
  • What are your rates and payment options?
    Check out rates for your zip code here. We offer automatic discounts for dogs with a permanent recurring walk schedule, as well as discounts for social dogs who opt-in for pack walks. Payment for dog walking services is charged to your card on file upon service completion. Payment for overnight pet sitting services is due immediately upon confirmation. You can review our payment policies in depth here. Check out our merch store for doggy day passes with savings of up to 50% off!
  • Do you offer group walks or individual walks for dogs?
    We offer both group walks and individual walks for all dogs at no extra charge! To opt-in to group walks, select the "My Dog May Join Other Dogs" option at checkout when submitting your service request. Your dog will join multiple Ken Walks Dogs walkers as a team for an on-the-field evaluation to gauge your dog's comfort level in a group setting. If your dog is opted-in for group walks but a special circumstance requires private care (house cleaners present, medical recovery, etc.) just select the "Do Not Walk With Other Dogs" option at checkout when submitting your service request. We will never assume a dog is capable or consents to a group walk without your authorized consent. Selecting the "Do Not Walk With Other Dogs" option at checkout only cements your dog's status as a solo walker!
  • How long are the dog walking sessions, and can I customize the duration?
    We offer services ranging from 20-minute visits for low maintenance pups, to half-day excursions for dogs seeking an enriching adventure! Fast Break (20+ minutes) Stroll (30+ minutes) Adventure (1+ hour) Field Trip (90+ minutes) Playcare (3+ hours) Learn more about the services we offer here.
  • Are your services available for all types and sizes of pets?
    In addition to dogs, we regularly care for cats, rabbits, pigs, chickens, snakes, fish, lizards, and more! Ken Walks Dogs strives to accomodate accessibility for all dogs. We work with big dogs, small dogs, reactive dogs, shelter dogs, blind dogs, deaf dogs, scared dogs -- you name it! Please bear in mind: our staff works as a team to accomodate the needs of all dogs on our roster. While most dogs maintain a small circle of dog walkers for scheduled care, we are unable to guarantee the same dog walker 24/7 for each and every scheduled service. Schedule a free meet and greet in the Ken Walks Dogs mobile app and let's build an enriching, extracurricular life for your dog together!
  • Do you provide services for pets with special needs or medical conditions?
    Ken Walks Dogs consistently cares for: pets who take medications pets who travel in a backpack or sling dogs who walk using a mobility aid like a wheelchair or scooter deaf dogs trained with hand signal cues blind dogs who walk with a canine partner dogs with limited mobility who enjoy hydrotherapy reactive dogs requiring one-on-one private care Schedule a free meet and greet in the Ken Walks Dogs mobile app and let us know how we can support you and your pet(s)!
  • How do you ensure the safety of my pet during your visits?
    Ken Walks Dogs maintains a high standard of safety measures for all dog walkers and pet sitters: We maintain working relationships with all three 24/7 emergency hospitals within our service area (Central Texas Veterinary Hospital, Veterinary Emergency Group, AVES) All Ken Walks Dogs employees are GPS-monitored while caring for pets, with check-in and check-out notifications and maps made available to all clients during and immediately following service Ken Walks Dogs employees are certified and trained in pet first aid and pet CPR Ken Walks Dogs employees have access to an emergency pet first aid app, guiding them through virtually any emergency medical situation that could be experienced by a pet Each pet is securely fastened via 4,000lb-load capacity carabiners to each walker's utility belt during all dog walking services Employees carry excess equipment to ensure backup safety gear is available at all times when necessary (leashes, belts, carabiners, water, seatbelts, life vests) Each pet taxi in our fleet is commercially insured and equipped with canine seatbelts or crash-tested safety crates We maintain top of the line liability insurance on behalf of all staff members, clients, pets, and property Ken Walks Dogs employs an on-call staff to assist walkers in the event of a medical emergency
  • Are you insured and bonded?
    Ken Walks Dogs maintains commercial liability insurance, commercial auto coverage, and workers compensation insurance on behalf of all employees. Never hire a pet care provider who does not carry basic dog walking insurance coverage.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Cancel any dog walking service without penalty with atleast 12 hours notice. Cancel any overnight service with atleast with atleast 72 hours notice for a 50% account credit. Review our cancellation policies in depth any time at
  • Can I request updates or check in on my pet during your visits?
    You will receive photos, walking maps, and updates automatically via email and in the Ken Walks Dogs mobile app during each service! We will keep you up to date on their meal plan, bathroom habits, medication, comfort and wellness, and include epic photos of all the fun they're having with the Ken Walks Dogs team!
  • How do you match pets with the right pet sitter or dog walker?
    Every dog has specific needs, and every pet care professional on our team brings a specific strength to the table. Ken Walks Dogs has successfully matched thousands of dogs in Austin, Texas with their most compatible pet care pro(s) and most compatible dogs for group walks!
  • What is your availability for weekend and holiday services?
    We offer all services on weekends and holidays for a nominal fee. Check out our weekend and holiday pricing here.
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