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Ken Walks Dogs ambassadors earn free pet care in exchange for use of your yard or pool. We'll even commercially insure your property! Additionally, refer a friend to Ken Walks Dogs and score $25 after their first paid service! We pay our employees a livable urban wage and various benefits, which is reflected in our pricing. Interested in joining our team? Apply here! 

PLAYCARE 3+ hours

Get your social pup out of the house and into the heart of ATX for an epic half-day excursion! We thoughtfully curate small pack groups for private pool parties, park play, scenic greenbelt hikes, guided kayak rides, swimming adventures, and more, seven days a week! 

$75 • $25 additional dogs • $25 private session


FIELD TRIP 90+ minutes

We'll harness you in for an epic adventure that often includes fun activities like park trips, greenbelt hikes, pup playdates, pet store visits, swimming and more!

$60 • $10 additional dogs

ADVENTURE 60+ minutes

Includes a minimum hour-long opportunity to smell the roses, fulfill your sniff quota, and explore your surroundings. 

$40 • $5 additional dogs

STROLL 30+ minutes

Includes a minimum half-hour opportunity to smell the roses, fulfill your sniff quota, and explore your surroundings. 

$30 • $5 additional dogs

FAST BREAK 20+ minutes

A quick walk for your low-maintenance furry friend to say hi, potty and stretch.

$25 • $5 additional dogs


Join us for our daily pool parties Monday through Friday from 8am through noon! Includes round-trip transportation in one of our insured pet taxis, life jackets, water toys, and epic water photos. Beginners welcome! 

$75 • $50 additional dogs


Includes a dog walk, followed by round-trip transportation to one of our community-partnered grooming and dog wash facilities for a deluxe bath experience. Choose from several biodegradable and cruelty-free shampoo options including deshedding shampoo, hypoallergenic shampoo, recovery shampoo, plus fur conditioning. Towel dry and air dry options available. Options for nail trim, anal gland expression and ear cleaning available for extra comfortable and relaxed pups. We'll close out our spa day with a specialty goat-milk based doggy froyo (available in pumpkin, vanilla, blueberry, banana, maple bacon, and peanut butter flavors!)

$75 • $50 additional dogs


Weekends 20% surcharge

After hours • 50% surcharge

Holidays • 50% surcharge


20% off overnight care for weekly dog walking customers

10% off for customers with 5x weekly recurring services


Payment for overnight care is due upon booking approval. Cancel within 24 hours of check-in for a 50% refund. After hours service requests are non-refundable. Dog walking services cancelled <12 hours in advance are ineligible for a refund. Late cancellations impact our ability to serve other customers and their dogs in need of pet care. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting our staff!

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