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Hydration for Your Canine Companion: Factors Pet Owners in Austin Should Consider

Water is a fundamental necessity for all living creatures, and dogs are no exception. Representing approximately 70 percent of a dog's body weight, water is essential for various bodily functions. While dogs can survive without food for a considerable period, a lack of water for just a few days, or even hours in a hot, dry environment like Austin, Texas, can be fatal.

As a responsible pet owner, ensuring your dog has a constant supply of fresh water is paramount. A dog's water consumption can vary based on several factors, including the climate, their level of activity, and the composition of their meals. For instance, heat and exercise can quickly dehydrate your dog, making them thirsty. Therefore, if you're a pet owner in Austin, where the climate can be particularly hot, ensuring your dog is well-hydrated is crucial.

At home, your dog should have a clean, full water bowl next to their food dish, another in their play area, and possibly a third one that is accessible at night. If you're using pet sitting services in Austin or dog boarding facilities, ensure they also provide adequate water for your pet.

However, when you're away from home, ensuring your dog stays hydrated can be more challenging. Dogs can be attracted to water in gutters, stagnant pools, and rain puddles. While clean rainwater is fine, it's often hard to find. Moreover, water from streets and sidewalks can be contaminated with caustic chemicals used to melt snow, weed-killers, and insecticides, which should be avoided. Therefore, it's advisable to train your dog to drink only from their bowl or what you offer them. Keeping a water-filled container with you, especially during hot weather or if you plan on a lot of walking or running, is a good practice.

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